Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation for both businesses and consumers around the world today. But what does it actually mean to be sustainable? A complex concept, sustainability not only takes the environment into consideration, but also covers economic and social matters. Sustainability concentrates on meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Although many brands are taking positive steps to become more sustainable, whether that’s setting zero-waste targets or cutting down on carbon emissions, there’s still a long way to go. For example, in just one year, the beauty industry generates over 120 billion units of packaging, and the shipping industry releases 1 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, and that’s before even considering freight and air shipping emissions.


At Neäl & Wølf, we’re constantly making steps to become greener every single day. As a brand, we’re fully committed to our sustainable and ethical objectives. After all, the earth is what we all have in common. Here’s a few positive changes we’ve made to our production and logistical processes.



We're passionate about producing beautiful haircare products that won't harm the planet. Indulge guilt-free knowing that all our bottles are 100% recyclable, made out of LDPE / HDPE mix, so you can pop them in the recycling bin once you've used them.



Our vegan-friendly collection features some of our best-selling products, including the Blonde Purple Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner and Miracle Rapid Blow-dry Mist. These products are specifically formulated without the use of animal products, making them vegan-friendly and less harmful to the environment.



We are proud to say that our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, TEA-free, DEA-free and cruelty-free. All our beautiful haircare formulas are carefully designed by experts to benefit and enhance your hair, not overload it with chemicals and toxins. When you join the Neäl & Wølf family, you can rest easy knowing we only put the best ingredients into our products. Non-toxic, saintly formulas. What more could you want?



We’ve also made changes to the way we package and dispatch our orders. Using smaller, cardboard boxes and reducing delivery loads reduces our carbon footprint from our warehouse to the recipient. Remember, all good things come in small packages!



Our recent partnership with Green Salon Collective (GCS) enhances our commitment to a greener future in our business and beyond. GSC is the original authority on salon sustainability in the UK and Ireland. The company provides an exclusive recycling scheme to salons, offering a sustainable service to recycle the traditionally impossible-to-recycle haircare products, such as hair and foil, as well as plastic and PPE. Neäl & Wølf, alongside Salon Promotions Ltd, will be working extremely closely with GSC to enhance sustainability to over 7,000 partnering salon customers.

Neil Capstick, Owner and Founder of Neäl & Wølf and Salon Promotions, says “We are fully committed to a sustainable future and are constantly sourcing new ways to become greener. I believe this new partnership with Green Salon Collective will help to educate salons on becoming more sustainably ethical and is a great step forward to achieving industry-wide sustainability – we hope our stockists get on board too!”


Haircare items will always be in demand, so why not make it as green as possible for our customers? Remember, sustainability isn’t a luxury, it’s essential. Check out the Neäl & Wølf range today.


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    Posted by Kerry on


    Are the Neal and Wolf products vegan?

    With thanks,

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    Posted by Neal & Wolf on

    Hi Kerry

    We do have a large selection of Vegan products which can be found here:

    We’re also committed to reformulating our existing products to be vegan friendly, and any new products will also vegan too

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