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Photograph - Jessie Pearl

There is no doubt that hair extensions have come a long way in the last decade and the multiple clip in sets in particular can be a very useful accessory to have in store for occasions when you want to temporally alter your look. In fact extensions are now so popular that a recent survey has found that almost 30% of women are using hair extensions. Hair extensions or hair weaves are made from varying lengths of synthetic or real human hair. It is attached very closely to the scalp and is used to add length, thickness, or even to create a fringe to the wearer's own hair. Depending on the quality of the hair extension used and how well they are installed, hair extensions will remain undetected unless very closely inspected. Hair extensions when used correctly can be subtle, beautiful, versatile, and confidence-building, and these are just among the reasons why more and more women choose to invest in hair extensions. If it is your first time using hair extensions, you may be wondering how best to style them, but you'll be glad to know that they are very easy to use and can be styled depending on your mood and need. So, equip yourself with the best hair extension brand that matches the color of your hair and take note of these hair extension styling tips. For instant straight, long hair - If you already have straight hair, brush your hair to remove any tangles. If not, use a flat hair iron to straighten it.  Next, clip in a long length hair extension under your crown. Once attached, brush the extensions carefully to blend the extensions with your real hair. Huge bun in a cinch - Secure your hair into a semi-high side ponytail. Wrap the ends of the ponytail around the base to create small bun. Fasten with numerous pins. Clip a hair bun extension on top and secure per usual. Sensuous and curly ponytail - If you have a fringe, brush carefully and make a middle parting. Backcomb the crown of your hair to make it fuller and thicker. Pull it back and create a low bun. Securely clip in the curly hair extension piece on top of the bun. Instant fringe - Want to know how you look like with a full fringe but don't want to cut your precious hair? Obtain a fringe extension with longer strands on both sides. This way, it won't look fake and would blend perfectly when attached. Thicker longer braids - If your hair isn't thick or long enough to create dramatic braids, use a long hair extension. Pull your hair up into a pony and clip the extension right under it. Make a braid per usual. The finished style should be fuller and more elegant.

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