Days are getting longer and warmer, which only means one thing: Spring is here! While you should always take good care of your hair; this is certainly the time of the year where you should give it a little extra TLC. You’re probably thinking that this is slightly difficult at this moment in time, however, don’t forget that hair care doesn’t stop, no matter where you are! There are things you can do from your home to prepare your hair for the new season, and here are a few tips:


  1. Hydrate the hair and scalp

 It’s time to forget about the cold season that has left your locks looking dry and give your hair and scalp the hydration needed for a healthier and shinier look. Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp, so let’s start from there! To revitalise the scalp and get rid of any build-up styling products that with time can bring irritation and dandruff, you’ll need to use exfoliation treatments such as scalp scrubs or simply brush though when using a hair mask; this should be done maximum once a month, as you don’t want to remove any natural skin oils.

You’ll also need to give your hair some TLC, so make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner, we always recommend using Sulfate-free products as they’ll nourish your natural hair oils and stop it from looking and feeling dry. Have you tried our DAILY Shampoo & Conditioner? They are designed to cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh and full of shine.


  1. Style your hair

 Styling your hair shouldn’t always take hours, you can use quick hairstyles that will still give you that full transformation. We’ve selected a few easy looks that anyone can achieve from home, because looking good shouldn’t always cost money! Our top favourite spring hairstyles are messy buns, braids and curls - they are easy to create no matter where you are!


Messy bun

Remember, no two messy buns ever look the same, so you can get as creative as you wish!


There are many different types of braids, choose the one that you think will most suit you!


Always use a heat protector before styling your hair!


  1. Use accessories

If you prefer to keep it really simple, then why not use some hair accessories? Everybody seems to be super obsessed with them, so why not give them a try? Accessories can be used on both straight and curly hair and they can be large clips, headbands, bows or even word barrettes! If you feel like you’re having a bad hair day, but you also feel uninspired, you can simply give your hair a brush, grab your favourite hair accessory, use some hairspray to hold your look – and you’re ready!


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