Feng Shui Colour Wheel Guide
Beat stress with our Feng Shui tips for creating a relaxing environment. Applying ancient Feng Shui wisdom to your work and home space can make your environment more harmonious and energizing. Try our simple steps for creating your sanctuary.
  1. Clear Clutter: clutter can prevent positive energy, or chi, flowing through your home.
  2. Create a welcoming area: when you enter your home or workspace, a welcoming, inviting space which will invite the good energy in.
  3. If it's broke, fix it or toss it: if a light bulb is burnt out, replace it. If your front door squeaks, fix it. Having everything in working order will create harmony.
  4. Aromatherapy: envelop your space with the scent of oriental orange blossom with our sleek Elysian CALM Reed Diffuser to refresh the mind and prevent stress and tension.
  5. No computers, TV's or exercise equipment in your bedroom: they bring the energy or work and stress into what should be your most harmonious space.
  6. Plants: certain plant attract positive energy and are great for your living or work space as they clear toxins from the air - check out our guide. However, you must avoid plants in the bedroom.
  7. Light your Elysian INDULGENCE Scented Candle wherever you can: candles not only clear the energy, but also create an intimate, warm and healing atmosphere.
  8. Decorate your bedroom with soothing hues: Skin colours are good for achieving a good Feng Shui balance in the bedroom.

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