Men's hair trends of 2018

Textured-Slick-Back-UndercutMen's hair trends for 2018 are in the spotlight, and we're drawing inspiration from the best of European and US styles. Last year saw some solid trends develop that are carrying through into this year, along with some new looks. Neal & Wolf's men's collection will help you achieve any style you're looking for. Tapers Taper styles give plenty of room to move with length on top that can be parted sharply or styled into a wave. The taper itself can be cut quite generously or even combined with a fade at the neckline. If you want to keep the top length moving with some added texture, Form is the perfect sculpting lotion to add to your routine. Crop Crop styles are versatile and can be customised to almost any preference. The back and sides are kept quite short while the top length can really vary. Keep it textured with Style shaping cream, no matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly. Get creative with the fade - try shaving bold lines or eye-catching edges above the ears or at the neckline. Slickback This is a style that isn't going away any time soon. Slicked back styles can be adapted for a sharp 50s throwback look, or a more traditional hipster appearance. The slickback relies on some length but can be combined with shorter back and sides. Work in some Design Pomade to get the wet-look and hold. Personalised Pompadour There's plenty of length and lift through the front of a pompadour style. Take that as your base inspiration and tailor the rest to suit. Pomp mohawks, pomps with sharp fades, pomps with messy texture - bring the height and the rest is up to you. Messy Messy styles are also very customisable and high on the trend list for men's styles in 2018. Still keeping with the fade and taper cuts, the top can be kept as long and shaggy as you like. Style it spiky or let your natural volume create height. The length can be styled as a swept-back look or push it forward to bring a little movement across the face.