amarisarcus © averie-woodard Summer can be rough on hair and curls in particular. Have you ever left the house with picture-perfect curls and come home with a head of completely flat hair? Don't waste your efforts. A few tweaks to your morning routine will protect your curls and help them to last longer during the warm summer days.   Take care of your curls from the inside out amarisarcus-2 © felipe-luiz Summer heat and humidity can be taxing on anyone's hair. As curls can be more prone to tangling and dryness, it's important to keep up the moisture. In the first instance, it's a good idea to keep yourself hydrated on warm days. When your hair is hydrated from the inside it's much more likely to comply and be less affected by external humidity. Set your curls properly Leave a bit of extra time in the mornings to allow your curls to cool completely before letting them out. If you release the curl before it's completely set it will lack the strength to last the whole day. Use the right tools for the job Hot-tools-EU © Hot Tools If you want to set your curls regularly, there's no point in scrimping on the quality of your tools. Invest in a high-quality curling iron and get some salon-quality pins and clips to help hold the curls while they're setting. Cheaper tools can snag and heat unevenly which can lead to disappointing results. Use the right products Support your quest for all day curls by using the best products on your precious locks. Wash your hair well, but reconsider using a deeply moisturising conditioner, as it may weigh down your hair and pull the curls out through the day. Instead opt for a nourishing treatment in between curl days. Run a light amount of Guard heat protection cream through your hair before curling. Once you're happy with your look, use Control flexible hairspray to hold everything in place. It will give plenty of bounce and life to your curls and help to preserve them at the same time.

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