[caption id="attachment_327" align="alignnone" width="221"]Photograph by Bruce Moyle Photograph by Bruce Moyle[/caption] We have seen plenty of stars from the movie and music industries change up their looks in recent months. Some changes have been inspired by new movie roles or a new stadium tour and others just for the fun of it!   We take a look at a few of our favourite 2014 hair makeovers here and hope we can inspire you to a great new cut or colour. It is save to say from our selections that the bob cut is firmly in fashion for Autumn 2014!   Megan Fox New mum Megan Fox is known as one of the world's most beautiful women with long beautiful locks. Well at least one part of that equation will have to change now after she took the scisorcs to her long wavy locks in favour of a long bob. The cut is shaggy and the colour has also changed - going a few shades darker to a black colour.  Despite the change Megan still looks as beautiful as ever.   Drew Barrymore Never on to stand too still with the same hair cut for too long Drew Barrymore has always mixed it up between short and long locks and shades as diverse as red, platinum blonde and even chocolate browns. This time around she has gone to the dark side again with a chestnut colour that seems just perfect for the Autumn season. The look was first spotted at a Stella McCartney fashion show this week.   Beyonc√© Think Beyonce & hair and you will most likely get the image in your mind of the beauty with long mermaid waves. It is the look she has had for most of her lengthy time in the public eye, although she has had short hair at times in the past. This time around she has chucked out the hair extensions and gone for a bob cut.   Sienna Miller Sienna Miller is synonymous with long golden blonde hair. So is she taking a risk on her box office appeal with a new much shorter bob cut? We doubt it. The new bob look is just as gorgeous with a freshly cut fringe  that frames her features perfectly. The look was first seen on the set of new film 'Adam Jones'.

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