Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 15.05.44 There's nothing like the feeling of walking out of the salon with a perfect blow dry. Your hair feels bouncy, glossy and perfectly set for the day or night ahead. You can achieve a professional-style blow dried look at home, using these simple tips.   Tools you'll need   First, gather these simple tools to hand. They'll make the process a lot easier.  
  • A good quality hair dryer, with at least a low and high heat setting. If you can, find one with a low and high air stream setting.
  • A paddle brush to get the sections smooth before applying heat.
  • A heat protectant spray to reduce heat damage.
  • Large hair grips or clips to help separate sections of hair.
  • A diffuser attachment for your hair dryer to help defray the direct heat.
  Tips for a professional look blow dry  
  1. Avoid using high temperature settings on your dryer. Use the low heat setting wherever possible, as high heat can damage your hair.
  1. If you have fine hair, stick to a low air stream setting. If it's set too high, you may end up with tangles and knots.
  1. Don't place your hair dryer too close to your hair. Keep it around 8 inches away instead. It dries the hair effectively and reduces cuticle damage.
  1. Use clips and grips to separate your hair into segments. Work from underneath first, and let down sections as you go. Start at the roots and smoothly travel down the segment of hair to the ends. This will help produce that shiny look you're after.
  1. Don't hold the hair dryer in one spot for too long. Keep it moving along the hair shaft at all times.
  1. If you are short on time, don't be tempted to use the high heat setting. Squeeze out as much water as you can with a towel, then use the high air stream combined with the low temperature for the fastest and gentlest results.
  1. Use a hair protectant spray, such as Neal & Wolf GUARD - a heat protection spray that locks in moisture and protects from heat during styling.
  1. to help reduce heat damage. It can also help the hair hold volume and creates shine.
  1. Once you are finished, blow dry one final time with a cool setting. It will reduce the temperature of your hair and help it retain some elasticity.

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