When it comes to hairstyles, famous celebrities are always two steps ahead. This is one of the many reasons why we continue to look to them for hair colour and style inspiration. It seems that no matter how they cut, curl, colour, and straighten their hair, they will always look extremely glamorous. In the first quarter of 2014, several celebrities already underwent hairstyle makeovers that made us ooh and ahh in both envy and fascination. Here are some of the most drastic and bold hair moves:Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 09.16.36 1.) Jennifer Love Hewitt - We are all used to Jennifer Love's brunette hair. But this 2014, she surprised everyone by showcasing a blonde ombr√© do. She now looks younger and very fresh. 2.)  Katie Holmes - The former Mrs. Tom Cruise added sass and style to her layered, shoulder length hair by incorporating a sexy, thick fringe. Adding simple bangs may not really count as a hair makeover but its impact on the overall look does deserve praise. 3.) Nicole Richie - Ever the non-conformist, Nicole Richie coloured her hair purple last February. Although the colour is drastic compared to her previous brown/red shade, it actually looks good on her. 4.) Julia Roberts - One of the most famous redheads in Hollywood, Julia altered her hair colour to a sunny blonde this year. Now, she can actually find out if blondes really do have more fun. Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 09.16.52   5.) Britney Spears - A natural brunette, Britney's hair makeovers were constant all throughout the years. She had sported blonde, brown, and jet black hair interchangeably but now, she is showcasing a fiery red hair to match her revived music career. 6.) Naya Rivera - Known for her sexy cheerleader character in Glee, Naya is recognized for her dark, luscious hair. But this year, she surprised everyone by going blonde and looking even hotter. 7.) Katy Perry - Katy's bold hair move for this year was totally unexpected. She might not have coloured her hair with daring shades like purple or yellow but she actually chopped off her thick, long tresses. She now sports a choppy, shoulder length bob with blunt bangs. 8.) Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift's hair has always been long and dreamy for as long as we can remember it. But this year, she chose to shorten her hair into a shoulder length bob. Overall, she looks every inch a full-grown woman.   Why not use this list of celebrity hair makeovers to inspire on of your own? Whatever style you go for, you can use the great range of Neal & Wolf hair care products to help you manage and maintain the perfect look.

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