chic-scarf The recent warmer weather is a welcome change from the chill of winter. Is the sunshine drawing you into daydreams about going to the beach? You might have noticed your hair starting to change as the heat brings on seasonal dryness. Help correct and protect against sun damage with Neal & Wolf's Summer Rejuvenate Duo. The intensive shampoo and treatment will instantly restore your sun-kissed locks to a healthy level of moisture and touchability. Here's a few handy ways you can style your hair for a day at the beach - let's keep it out of the way and out of the sun to reduce damage from too much sun and salt water. Chic scarf or hat Before trying any particular hairstyle, remember that you can style a cute bit of fabric as a headscarf in so many ways. A chic 50's wrap-around can help keep your hair out of direct sunlight and protected against the drying effects of the wind. A broad-brimmed sunhat works well (and will protect your face from sunburn, too). Ponytail with a twist Maria-Menouno © Maria-Menouno Controlled yet casual, bring your hair to one side of your neck and pull in forward. Tie it loosely under your ear for a cute side-saddle ponytail. Twist two segments together above the hair tie to create a little more texture. French braids Bridget-March-@-Bazzars Bridget-March-@-Bazzars     If you don't want your hair going anywhere, separate into 4 sections, and braid each one. Tie the ends into a ponytail or arrange in a bun. Keep the braid relatively tight and close to the scalp so it won't come loose, even in the water. Buns amarisarcus   ©amarisarcus   Buns are cute, stylish and can be crafted almost any way you like. Try styling two buns at the nape of the neck, a single high bun, or a bun with a single braid wrapped around the base to keep it interesting. Buns are very versatile and can be pulled out and restyled on the go if need be. Remember to use a deeply moisturising and repairing hair treatment both before and after you head to the beach. The combination of shampoo and treatment will both protect and repair, leaving you feeling fabulous all summer long.

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