Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 17.40.07   It can be easy to fall into a rut with straightening irons. Once you've mastered how to get the perfect look, it might feel like there's nothing else the irons could be used for. Here's where things get interesting.   With a bit of planning or practice, straightening irons can do a lot more than you think. Here's 5 fun things to do with your irons (besides straightening!).   Crimp fun   Wear your crimped hair loose or use it as a textured base for a new style.
  • Segment your hair and plait each segment tightly, starting as close to the root as possible,
  • Run your irons over your plaits to firm them up,
  • Undo them and use your fingers to loosen out the crimped hair.
  Casual waves   Before starting this one, apply some Neal & Wolf Guard Heat Protection spray to protect your hair from moisture loss and keep it soft and smooth.  
  • Working in segments, apply the iron near the roots of your hair, clamp it and rotate 180 degrees, pulling the ends of the hair under and away from your head,
  • Moving quickly, repeat the clamp and rotation in the opposite direction directly underneath the first wave,
  • Repeat the pattern to the ends, then repeat until you've got waves all round.
  Set hair chalk   This one is a simple finishing trick to make chalked hair look professionally done.  
  • Apply hair chalk to your hair, as desired,
  • Run straightening irons over chalked sections to smooth cuticles and brighten colour.
  Side swept texture   A flexible look for day or evening wear.  
  • Bring hair over shoulders and work in segments,
  • Use the straightening irons vertically and wrap hair around while moving irons downward,
  • Bring the loose waves you just created around to one side and pin,
  • Apply a firm hold spray and remove pins if preferred.
  Incredible ringlets   This is an amazing way to get tight ringlets - it does take some time, and maybe a friend.  
  • Starting at the top of the head, segment hair into small sections,
  • From the ends of the hair, roll it up tightly as close to the root as possible and,
  • Wrap the rolled hair in aluminium foil, repeated until all hair is coiled,
  • Apply irons to each foil packet to heat hair in place,
  • Starting from the bottom, undo the foil to reveal bouncy curls.

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