Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 14.20.25 Are you looking for a fresh colour to brighten up your style? Sometimes a new colour is all you need to step out feeling like a whole new person. We've found four of our favourite celebrities doing stunning things with colour right now. Consider some of these warm and rich looks and see what takes your fancy.   Miranda Kerr   Miranda Kerr is well known as a natural beauty. Her current shorter style is so flattering. She's embracing her richer, darker tones, but it's the subtle highlighting around her face that is bringing this style to our attention. We suspect she has an expert at balayage on her staff, because the shifts in tone are so subtle and delicate.   Gisele Bundchen   If you locks tend toward the darker blonde, you could easily take inspiration from Gisele's look. Best described as ‚Äòsalted caramel', the tonal highlights throughout her carefree waves add depth without adding weight. Use the lightest colours to frame your face and let the highlights fall randomly throughout your hair.   Kim Kardashian   Kim's rich skin tone means the jet black look will always be dramatic and stylish. While best avoided if you have pinker skin tones, an uncompromising deep black can really make a statement. Kim wears a sleek long bob without bangs, creating a dramatic look. Some volume and waves would change the style without loosing the rich quality of the hue.   Isla Fisher   Isla is a savvy operator when it comes to her naturally red hair. She takes very good care of it, and it shows no matter the style. What we love about Isla is that she colours her hair quite often, always using the red as a base. There's no need for her to try blonde or darker shades. In winter, you'll see her sporting darker and richer earthy tones, and in summer the reds will lighten right up. It's a look you can borrow from whether you're a red head or not.

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