4 beach worthy hairstyles

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 14.19.36 If you're heading to the beach this summer you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of sun, sea and sand. Of course, it's likely that you'll want to look great doing it. We've put together 4 of our top beach hairstyles to see you through the season. We've got styles that range from, ‚Äòlooking fab on the run' to ‚Äòpractice makes perfect'. Let's take a look.   Beach texture waves   This is the easiest way to achieve those casual summer waves in your hair. Before you go to bed, plait your hair - and if your hair is slightly damp from the ocean, even better. Thinner hair may only need two plaits to see plenty of wave, but thicker hair may need a few more. Untie them in the morning and loosely brush them out for the perfect beach tousle.   Hidden hair tie ponytail   This is another super easy style that takes no time at all. It adds just a touch of casual sophistication for those who prefer to relax on the beach instead of in the water. Brush your hair back and secure it in a single high ponytail, leaving out a thick segment at the nape of your neck. Use the loose segment to wrap around the hair tie, obscuring it from view. A bobby pin or some product should be enough to anchor the end.   Twin buns   Here's the first of the ‚Äòpractice makes perfect' styles. Braids are still so on trend, you can't even escape them at the beach! Part your hair down the middle (either a single clean part or a tousled causal version will work). Work each side into a plait that lays close to the scalp and secure at the nape of your neck. Twist the plaits into buns and the end and secure.   Circlet braid   If you want to feel like a beach princess, try out this circlet braid. You might need to practice this one before you go on holiday so it's effortless when you get there. Like the twin buns, part your hair down the centre. Plait your hair on each side, staying close and along the edges of the hairline. Once you reach the end, circle around the base and pin (hiding the tie). Repeat on the other side.