Professional Hair Colour, Toner, Permanent Hair Dye, Bleach & Peroxide
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Professional Hair Colour
By Neäl & Wølf

Image of parrotIntroducing Neäl & Wølf’s debut collection of 129 ICC-proven, luxurious permanent hair dyes. Each one offers your salon savings of up to 50% versus most branded alternatives, your stylists the creative freedom to formulate no fewer than 169 gorgeous shades with confidence and your clients the vivid, professional-standard, long-lasting colours they desire.

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Extraordinary Benefits

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Contains Vitamin C

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, helps improve hydration and reduces damage caused by sunlight/UV rays, resulting in longer-lasting colour.

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129 Ready-to-use Colours

That combine to create 169 stunning shades.

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Easy Application

Mixing ratios deliver a smoother consistency for application.

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Uniform Results

Even colouring from mid-length to ends.

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2-in-1 Colour

All our colours can result in a demi-permanent effect using 5 vol.

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Amazing High-Lift Range

Creating cooler, icy tones.

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Olaplex® The Patented Original

Use Olaplex® during your colour service to achieve high-quality colour and condition.

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100% Grey Coverage

Delivering reliable and consistent results.

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A Vivid Finish With Natural Gloss

Delivering great colour results and finish.

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Partnership With A Trusted Brand

Neäl & Wølf - the leading professional haircare range.

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It's Easy To Switch

We are ICC, like all major colour brands.

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Long-Lasting Colour

Giving enhanced manageability with luminous shine and vibrancy.

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Cooler Underlying Tones

Resulting in fresh, clean and crisp shades.

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Fabulous Merchandising Material

To inspire and excite your customers.

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Educational Support

From leading educators with a wealth of industry experience.

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Extraordinary support
and training

At Neäl & Wølf we’re dedicated to helping to grow salon businesses and work tirelessly behind the scenes to support.

Colouring is a technical speciality that requires specific high-quality education. Our dedicated education team provides high quality training to help salons and stylists grow. And our personalised workshops are designed to kick-start creative juices, while sharing the latest looks, creative approaches, concepts and techniques.

We stay one step ahead of the colour trends and ensure your stylists are armed with solutions before your clients even ask. Whatever shade we will always be one step ahead of the trends.


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