Our hair goes through a lot. From the changing seasons to the everyday styling, there’s a lot of ways your hair can take a beating. Heat damage is just one of the things we expose our hair to without realising the impact it can have. 

As we come into the colder months, it’s normal to use additional heat on your hair on a more regular basis. Long gone are the days of leaving your hair to dry naturally in the summer breeze. Instead, your hairdryer has come out of retirement and your hair is being exposed to heat on a more regular basis.

You may think that heat protection isn’t important if the only form of heat your hair is exposed to is the odd blowdry from your hairdryer.. But heat protection isn’t simply important for those who frequently use styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons. It’s something that we should all be including in our daily haircare routines. Investing in a good quality heat-protection product has never been more important, and this blog will tell you exactly why!

So, what does heat-protection actually do to your hair? There is the obvious answer to this question and then there’s the technical side.

Heat protection sprays behave in a similar way to  sun cream, and how it protects our skin from sun damage. Heat-protection products, like our GUARD Heat Protection Spray and our MIRACLE Rapid Blow Dry Mist, actually form a physical barrier over the cuticle of your hair that repels the heat from styling tools to prevent damage. Without this barrier each strand of hair becomes more and more prone to split ends and breakages, which over time will leave your hair looking dull.

This physical barrier also helps to keep the water molecules and keratin that make up the inner cortex of each strand of hair in place. When heat is applied to hair, these water molecules evaporate and without them the texture and strength of your hair can change drastically. By applying heat-protection spray, you not only protect the outer cuticle of your hair, but you also ensure that the moisture needed to keep your hair looking shiny and strong stays in place.  

When should you use heat-protection? The best time to apply it to your hair is when your hair is wet or damp, before any heated styling tools have been used. For the best results, we recommend applying to your hair in sections and combing through to ensure your hair is evenly coated.   

You may have recently seen an article in The Sun about a viral video created by stylist Bethany Honey (@bethanyhoneyhair). Watch for yourself just how much of an impact heat protection has – even on a slice of bread.



Will you be using heat-protection products more this winter? Make sure to tag us @nealandwolf and let us know!


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