So, what causes frizzy hair?
We believe that the first step towards fighting frizz is to understand what causes it.
Frizzy hair is often dry hair. Hair gets frizzy when the outer layer, otherwise known as the cuticle, doesn’t lay flat. If the cuticles are disrupted or damaged at all, the hair struggles to lock in the moisture required for strength and elasticity.
Sebum is a waxy, oily substance naturally produced by the scalp glands that protects and hydrates the hair and can also provide a barrier against moisture from the environment. However, when sebum is slowed from travelling down the hair shaft, it can leave the strands vulnerable to damage. That’s why those with curly hair may experience more frizz, as the curls can block the ends of the hair from their sebum intake.
Season change, heat styling, over washing, can also make your locks frizzy.
How do you tame frizzy hair?
Tackling hair whilst it’s wet is one of the best tips for reducing frizz. When it comes to hair washing, it’s important to reduce shampooing to only when necessary, as the longer the intervals, the more time your sebum has to travel down the shaft. It’s also important to pay attention to the type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using. We’d recommend ditching the sulphates in your haircare products if you’re a victim of frizz. Sulphates can strip away the hair’s natural oils by creating a negative electrical charge, which can result in dry or damaged locks.

If you’re looking for a sulphate-free haircare duo that not only tackles frizz but improves the strength and elasticity of hair, we’d recommend trying our award-winning Harmony Intensive Care Shampoo and Treatment.

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We all love that wash day feeling, but as we’ve discussed, the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair and is made up of overlapping cells. When each cuticle lays flat, light reflects off the hair’s surface to create a gloss-like finish on the strands. However, when the temperature rises, the cells that form the cuticles can separate and leave them open to swelling, which can often occur whilst in contact with water. For instance, when the hair is rinsed with hot water, the cuticle layer struggles to completely seal, ultimately increasing the chance of frizz.
It Is Important to note however, that warm water should be used during the shampooing phase, as it separates the cuticles and enables the product to deeply cleanse the hair. Once the cleansing phase is complete, we’d then recommended finishing off the conditioning phase with a cold rinse to lock in moisture. 
At Neal & Wolf, you’ll be glad to hear that all our products are sulphate-free. But if you’re looking for a haircare duo that cleanses the hair and leaves it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling, look no further than our award-winning Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner.
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It’s time to put the brush down! Hair is a complex matter when you consider the multiple layers and thousands of cells. But the reason for frizz is simple. When you run a brush through the hair, the overlapping layers that lie flat making it appear smoother are lifted, which ultimately leads to frizz.

If you are using a hair dryer to dry your hair after washing, ensure you use a blow-dry spray with anti-frizz properties. Our Miracle Rapid Blow-Dry Mist not only offers heat protection while drying, it works by repelling water from the hairs surface, significantly reducing drying times. It’s special blend of ingredients help to add moisture, reducing frizz and static.

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With our hair constantly exposed to damaging factors such as heat and haircare products, overtime it can be stripped of its natural oils, which can often lead to frizz. A simple way to restore sebum is by using an oil to increase the strength and hydration of the hair, specifically on dry ends where sebum struggles to reach. When using a hair oil, the fatty acids in the formula add a protective layer to the hair’s shaft which can quickly become damaged by heat. This protection also safeguard’s the hair between washing from external factors, such as air pollution and UV rays from the sun.

Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil is a multi-tasking product formulated with three natural oils; Argan, Avocado and Jojoba. Velvet is the perfect addition to any de-frizzing hair routine and is designed to transform rough and unruly locks into a smoother and more nourished finish

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