We all know the struggle of managing thin hair when all we really want is volume! Thin hair can often appear flat and dull, however, using extensions isn’t the only solution to give your hair that little extra volume.

Having thin hair can often be a love and hate relationship; on one hand, you have less hair to dry and style but on the other hand, you know your curls will never hold. So, what should you do to achieve the fuller look you’ve always dreamt of? You’ll need to give your hair that little extra TLC, and we are here to help you do this! There are plenty of products and tricks you can follow, and here are our top ones: 


  1. Try a New Hairstyle

 Don’t underestimate the importance of your haircut when it comes to thin hair. One thing we recommend avoiding is growing your hair too long, as it’s always more likely to taper towards the ends and give you an even thinner look. Have you ever thought about trying a short cut? How about a bob? The shorter your hair is the fuller it will look, so bobs are definitely a winning option! 


  1. Blow-dry your Hair Upside Down

 The way you blow-dry your hair can certainly be a lifesaver when it comes to thin hair! Grab a big hairbrush and brush through your hair as you’re drying it with your head upside down. Make sure you’re drying it underneath the brush as it will give your hair that extra lift. Differently, you could always use your fingers to encourage more volume on the roots.


  1. Use Volumising Lotion

 There are a few lifestyle changes you could consider to improve the thickness of your hair and there’s definitely one we can suggest! Adding volumising products into your daily haircare routine can be an easy solution to all your issues. We recommend trying our Neal & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion, designed to reduce static and add a spectacular glossy finish, so you can say goodbye to drab, limp locks and hello to luxuriously thick hair, full of body and texture.


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