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Calming Hand & Arm Massage in 9 Quick Steps Elysian Hand and Arm massage image You don't have to check into a spa to unwind. Give yourself a treat with our 5-minute arm and hand massage for instant relaxation and tension relief. Here's how:
  1. Remove jewellery, cleanse hands with Elysian REFRESH Hand Wash, and let the refreshing & calming orange blossom fragrance wash over you.
  2. Dry thoroughly, and rub Elysian REVIVE Hand & Body Lotion into your hands and forearms.
  3. Loosen your hands - stretch & flex them, then make a tight fist, wriggle your fingers.
  4. Pinch the tip of each finger & thumb for a few seconds, applying a moderate amount of pressure.
  5. Use your thumb to do most of the work, massage the palms with increasing (yet comfortable pressure) from the inside to out. Then set to work on the inside of your forearms with your thumbs.
  6. Inch your way up each finger with a pinching motion. Include the sides of the fingers.
  7. The space between your thumb and index finger contains a muscle that holds tension. Pay particular attention to this area with circular massage & pinching.
  8. Breathe deeply - this is as important as the massage technique itself. The Elysian fragrance also features the scent of lily, vanilla and white thyme, which sooth, relax and revive the senses.
  9. Finally, give your hands a good shake. Treat yourself to another layer of Elysian REVIVE Hand & Body Lotion.

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