Every so often, your hair needs that extra bit of TLC, and there is no better way to treat lack lustre hair than to apply a hair mask for hydrated, nourished, and shiny hair.
Whilst moisture masks have an abundance of uses and benefits for all hair types, lots of misinformation circulates the internet. Here, our hair experts bust some of the most common moisture mask myths to keep you well informed, for healthier hair.


1. The more product you apply, the better.

When aiming to add more moisture, it is common to think saturating the hair is the key to hydrated locks – but this is actually incorrect.

You only need to coat your strands for the moisture mask to work. Applying thick layers of product will not only over-saturate the hair and weigh it down, but it is also a waste of product and money.

When using a good quality hair mask, the product will be concentrated enough to work in small amounts so that your hair is hydrated without leaving oily, product build-up.


 Neal & Wolf Hydrate Moisture Mask being scooped out

2. You need to leave a moisture mask on overnight.

Whilst moisture masks can be left on overnight for certain hair types, such as those with type 4 hair or extremely dry hair, it is not necessary for the product to work effectively, especially for those with more oily or finer hair types.

Moisture masks can be used in a range of ways, but in its simplest form, apply a small amount to clean damp hair and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

If you have thicker, curly or extremely dry/dehydrated hair, you can apply a small amount to the mids and ends and leave overnight. Ensure you thoroughly rinse your hair in the morning to avoid a build-up of product.  

Before and after of Neal & Wolf Hydrate Moisture Treatment on curly hair


3. You should avoid oils if you have oily hair.

It is understandable that those with oily hair prefer to steer clear of oil products, but applied correctly, it can be beneficial.

You can use oil on all hair types, as long as it is applied from mids to ends and the roots/scalp are avoided. It’s important to remember that oil based, or hydrating products in general help to keep your hair looking and feeling healthier, nourished and shiny.

Consider using oil-based products less frequently if you have oily hair. About one to two times a week will be enough, whereas thicker, dehydrated hair types can benefit from oils 2-3 times a week. Oils can penetrate into the cuticle and strengthen the hair from within, improving the health and appearance of your hair.

 Neal & Wolf Hydrate Moisture Mask with Avocado


4. You shouldn’t use a hair mask on fine hair.

As mentioned above, intensely hydrating products can still be used on fine hair types. Fine hair can still be dry especially on the ends, oil-based products work brilliantly to boost hydration and shine.

Be mindful of where you apply the product, focusing on mids to ends only and avoiding the roots/scalp. Rinse thoroughly after allowing to sit for 10 minutes.

Before and after Neal & Wolf Hydrate Moisture Treatment on fine hair


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