Frizzy hair is something we’ve all experienced and complained about especially when humidity is at an all-time high. If you're wondering what the cause of this might be, here’s what you need to know: when your hair is damaged or dry, the outer layer of the strand rises, allowing for moisture to enter, which automatically creates frizz. Nothing wrong with puffy and natural looking hair, but for many, this can be hard to love. Don’t worry because there are solutions! Here are a few tips on how you can restore smoothness to your hair:


Wear your Hair Up

If you are prone to frizzy hair, we recommend wearing your hair up in humid weather. Why not go with a humidity-friendly and effortless hair style such as a ponytail or a messy bun which can help keep your hair less likely to suffer from frizz.


Use the Towel Correctly

The way you towel-dry your hair is very important if you are trying to avoid puffy hair – we recommend to towel-dry your hair by gently squeezing out the moisture using a soft towel, avoid roughing it up as friction can create frizz and split ends. Using a soft towel will also protect your hair from getting damaged.


Condition, Condition and Condition

Using shampoo with every wash is not necessary as shampoos can strip away your hair’s natural oils. Instead, alternate between using shampoo and condition one day and just conditioner the next, ensuring that you only condition the lower part of your hair, to avoid a greasy scalp. Once a month we recommend a deep conditioning treatment: leave the conditioner on for 1 hour to allow the product to penetrate and smooth your hair.


Use anti-frizz products

Ensure you are using the right hair product for your haircare, sometimes with frizzy hair, the less is more. Have you tried our Neal & Wolf smoothing blow-dry balm? Silk is the perfect choice for those who are looking to put an end to tangles and puffy locks – say hello to natural silky-smooth looking hair!



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