There’s nothing better to do during this time of year than snuggling up on the sofa wrapped in blankets or cradling a cup of hot chocolate while watching snowflakes falling outside. It’s an excuse to get cosy, wear your favourite jumpers and get yourself prepared for the festive season ahead. There’s only one downside to winter, and that’s how the sudden temperature changes can wreak havoc on our hair. 

When the weather outside is rainy, windy or snowy it can impact how your hair retains moisture. Combined with artificial heat indoors, your hair is being stripped of moisture more than it is during any other time of the year. This might explain why your hair might feel drier than usual in the winter months.

With us spending more time inside this year and being exposed to greater levels of artificial heat it’s even more important to know how to care for your hair during Winter so you can emerge from your lockdown with just as luscious locks as you did before.

Turn Down the Heat

It might seem counterproductive to take a warm shower instead of a hot shower during the colder months, but it can be detrimental for your hair. Extreme temperatures aren’t going to do your hair any favours in the long run and will strip your scalp of all the natural essential oils that keep your hair healthy. Taking a break from your heated styling appliances can also help keep your hair in good condition during winter, so try styling your hair without tools by twisting or plaiting to get the desired effect.

Commit to a Weekly Deep Condition 

Treating your hair to a deep conditioning can do wonders when it comes to bringing your locks back to life and restoring moisture to your hair. Leaving conditioner on your hair for as little as 20 minutes once a week can make a real difference. HARMONY can help you to restore balance, with an intensive nurturing shampoo and conditioning treatment for dry hair that can be left in your hair overnight for a truly deep condition. With nutrient-rich oils and moisturising proteins, our HARMONY hair treatment transforms your tresses, leaving them soft, strong and shiny.  

Switch up your hair washing routine

If you’re the kind of person who likes to wash their hair every day, one great way of protecting it from drying out is to simply increase the amount of time you go between washes. This can protect your scalp from extreme changes in temperature, especially if you’re unlikely to turn the temperature down.         

Nourish Your Hair with Hair Oil 

Just a few simple drops of hair oil can transform your hair, bringing back any moisture that has been zapped by indoor heating. Our VELVET nourishing hair oil contains a blend of three natural oils: argan; avocado and jojoba, designed to transform rough and dry hair. This product can be applied damp or dry hair, making it easy to include in your daily beauty routine.

Do you have any top tips on how you look after your hair during the winter months? Tag us at @nealandwolf and let us know what they are!


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