While flower crowns have their moment at Coachella, we're opting for a festive twist with the glitz and glamour of a hairstyle adorned with stunning accessories. From bobby pins to hair jewellery, there's been a resurgence of 90's trends, and we're loving it. In this blog we're styling up with a bejewelled balayage for our Hollywood glamour look! Here’s a step by step guide to creating a look which will steal the show at every party and event!

Step by step to the "Glitz & Glamour" look

Step 1: Voluminous Foundation Start by applying Neal & Wolf's volumizing products to wet hair, setting the stage for a show-stopping style. Blow-dry for added volume and texture, providing your locks with the perfect foundation for a glamorous holiday look.

Step 2: Curl hair in sections

Step 3: For a truly glamorous finish, apply Velvet Hair Oil or Glow Super Shine Spray to infuse your locks with a radiant, healthy glow. This step not only enhances the overall look but also helps your hair to remain healthy and vibrant.

Step 4: Brush through curls to achieve a loose, effortlessly elegant wave. Embrace the natural flow of your locks while maintaining the polished and refined aesthetic that defines a Hollywood glamour look.

Step 5:The pièce de résistance! Secure your beautiful holiday hairstyle with the perfect hair accessories. Whether you opt for ornate bobby pins or dazzling hair jewellery, choose accessories that compliment and elevate your style and outfit, and that will add a touch of glitz and glamour to your look.

Step 6: Complete your transformation with a generous application of Control Flexible Hairspray. Lock in the glamour and ensure your hairstyle withstands the dance floor, the dinner table, and every moment in between.

Embrace the spirit of glitz and glamour with this gorgeous look. Elevate your style with a bejewelled balayage that exudes Hollywood sophistication. Add volume, shine and finish with the perfect accessories, this step-by-step guide ensures you shine bright at every celebration. Unleash your inner star and let your hair steal the show with Neal & Wolf's luxurious haircare products.

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