Have you heard about our new Colour range? Of course you have… it’s all anyone’s talking about! One of the hottest topics is the beautiful blondes salons are creating across the country using Colour, and more specifically, how are they doing it!? Well, we’re going to let you in on some behind the scenes knowledge on what it takes to create the perfect blonde.

Firstly, you need to understand what type of blonde your client would like. If your client has a mood board or a picture of the blonde they desire, then that’s even better! You then need to assess their hair; texture, thickness and base colour. From this, you can begin to look into the numbering system, lightening curve and colour wheel to assess colour and application.

At this stage, you can start cocktailing different formulas. We have two personal blonde favourites. The first one is Nordic Blonde, created using equal parts of 12.013 and 12.22 with 5 vol, the perfect new do if you’re hitting the beach this summer and want to emphasise your tan that little bit more! Or maybe you want to go for something with a little more glow? Our second favourite blonde is Metallic Sand, created using equal parts of 8.21 and 10.89 with 5 vol. These gilded champagne hues are the perfect cause for a celebration!

For aftercare, we would recommend nothing other than our Blonde Shampoo, specially designed to protect and enhance blonde or lightened hair. To maintain moisture (essential to long-lasting colour) Harmony Intensive Care Treatment deeply nourishes and conditions to help repair damaged hair, leaving it with a new lease of life!

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