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  1. Begin by washing hair with Amplify Volumising shampoo and conditioner to prepare for styling. Towel dry and apply the Elevate volumising lotion, the Uplift volumising mist and Guard heat protection.

  2. Dry the hair using a hair dryer, then section the hair once dry and curl using Hot Tools Curling Tongs. Leave the curls in, and don’t brush them until the braid has been put in. 

  3. Section a rectangular shape from the front to the crown, then tie back the remaining curled hair loosely. Backcomb the section lightly to create volume then begin your French Braid from the front. When the braid is finished tie using an elastic band then wrap some hair around to hide the elastic.

  4. To finish this look, gently pull the braid to create a looser and more volumous effect, then brush through the curls. Use Control hairspray to finish.

  5. Pro Tip

    Don’t French Braid too tightly as it won’t create the effect needed to achieve this look.

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