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  • Top celebrity high volume celebrity hairstyles

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    Sometimes you’ve just got to stand above the competition. Creating volume is possible for almost anyone, no matter your hair type. You can amplify your favourite style – and just make it bigger! From the shortest pixie cut to longer locks – styles with a bit of extra oomph can take a cut from ‘every day’ to ‘glamourous celeb’ in a flash.


    Short and wavy updo


    If you’re looking to bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe, or just want to give your shorter style a boost, try

  • 3 tips to avoid hair damage

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    We’re all guilty of making our hair work a little harder than it should, sometimes. From a brutal brush-out while wet (thank you, missed alarm clock), to overworking the hair to get that curl just right – we’ve been there. Hair damage isn’t completely avoidable, but there are a few things you can do to start taking care of your precious locks. Start by using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo, like Harmony Shampoo from Neal & Wolf.


    Wash your hair less



  • How to air dry your hair in summer

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    When it’s hot in summer, the last thing you might feel like doing is sweltering under the hair dryer once you’ve washed your hair. It’s possible to leave your hair damp and let it air dry, but it’s a fine line between leaving the house looking fresh and looking, well, bedraggled. We’ve put together some helpful tips for your hair to help you feel cool and look great for summer.



  • 7 of the best haircuts for round faces

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    If you have a round face you know it can be tricky to find a hair style that flatters you. We’ve collected 7 of the best hairstyles for round faces that will give you a brand new look.


    The asymmetrical bob


    This is very fashionable, perfect for any occasion and is easy to maintain. Create definition by ha

  • 7 celebrity fringe hairstyles for inspiration

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    If you’ve been staring in the mirror and asking yourself if it’s time for a new look, check out these recent celebrity fringe styles for inspiration. There’s a range of styles here that will suit most face shapes. Find one you love and have a chat to your stylist.


    Georgia May Jagger


    She has the rock

  • The best healthy hair care tips

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    There are a lot of things you can do to help keep your hair looking shiny and healthy, no matter what the weather is doing. Don’t feel like you need to do all of these (but certainly give them all a try). See which tips suit you best and enjoy beautiful healthy hair!




    Yes healthy hair starts from the inside. Keep up a diet rich in iron to help strengthen hair. You could also investigate a hair/skin/nails supplement from a pharmacist if you feel like you’re not getting enough

  • Celeb inspired short hair

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    Summer is on it’s way and like clockwork, the bobs begin to find their way to the red carpet. At first, it’s just one or two stars sporting shorter locks and then suddenly it’s the hottest summer style.


    There are so many ways to wear a bob. Of course it depends on your face shape and your personal style. Shape it close at the neck, long and loose or tightly cropped - whatever suits you. Take inspiration from the celebs who are styling bobs right now and find the right cut for you.



  • 4 celebrity hair colours to inspire you

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    Are you looking for a fresh colour to brighten up your style? Sometimes a new colour is all you need to step out feeling like a whole new person. We’ve found four of our favourite celebrities doing stunning things with colour right now. Consider some of these warm and rich looks and see what takes your fancy.


    Miranda Kerr


    Miranda Kerr is well known as a natural beauty. Her current shorter style is so flattering. She’s embracing her richer, darker tones, but it’s the subtle hig

  • 4 beach worthy hairstyles

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    If you’re heading to the beach this summer you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of sun, sea and sand. Of course, it’s likely that you’ll want to look great doing it. We’ve put together 4 of our top beach hairstyles to see you through the season. We’ve got styles that range from, ‘looking fab on the run’ to ‘practice makes perfect’. Let’s take a look.


    Beach texture waves


    This is the easiest way to achieve those casual summer waves in your hair. Before you go

  • 4 hair colours to try this summer

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    Summer is on it’s way. We saw plenty of love for balayage and grey tones in 2016, and for good reason. These classy and versatile styles are going to be here for 2017 because we just can’t get enough of them it seems. Here’s 4 gorgeous hair colours to choose from this summer season.


    Balayage - sun kissed blonde


    Balayage is a technique used by hairstylists to create beautiful blended colour. It can be subtle or outrageous, depending on the colour combinations. We love the sun k

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