Haircare that cares
You care about sustainability, and we care too! That’s why we craft irresistible products with principles.
Enriched with luxurious cruelty-free ingredients and free from parabens, sulphates and other nasties. 100% recyclable bottles, vegan-friendly options and smaller packaging to reduce waste. So you can experience true, guilt-free indulgence without compromise.
What’s more, we’re a proud partner of Green Salon Collective, helping salons get savvy about sustainability. And this is just the start – we’re always working to cut our environmental impact. We've been cruelty free since the day we launched, and all Neäl & Wølf products will be Leaping Bunny Certified in 2022. Plus, we’re working towards becoming a fully vegan brand with PCR packaging innovations coming soon.
Because we’re committed to caring for our stylists, our customers, and our planet.

Where we are...

Saintly Ingredients

All our products have always been sulphate-free, paraben-free, TEA-free, DEA-free and cruelty-free. In 2017 we committed to only launching vegan-friendly products starting with our Blonde range.

Always Cruelty-Free

Neäl & Wølf products have always been cruelty-free, and have never been tested on animals.

Recyclable Bottles

Our bottles are 100% recyclable, and we’ve switched to smaller cardboard boxes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Salon Collective Partnership

We're proud partners of the Green Salon Collective; enabling salons to be more sustainable through recycling and education.

Where we're going...

Leaping Bunny Certification

Our products have always been cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. We've now kick-started the process of becoming officially Leaping Bunny certified, and hope to have our accreditations in 2022.

Vegan Friendly Formulations

Over the next 18 - 24 months we'll be bringing out new and improved versions of our products with the aim of becoming a fully-vegan brand by the end of 2024.

Switching To Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

We're also reviewing all of our packaging, and will be gradually replacing existing packaging with up to 50% post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) over the next two years.

Striving For More

We're always looking for new and innovative ways to become a more sustainable business, and the above changes are just the beginning. We'll be sure to keep our customers and salons up to date with all of the exciting changes as they happen.