Our Product Philosophy

At Neal & Wolf we believe it’s just as important for you to know what’s not included in our products as what is. Here are some of the ‘everyday’ chemicals we’ve left out of our hair care and styling products. It isn’t official whether these substances are cause for concern or not, but we thought it best to leave them out ‘Just in case.’


Is a foam stabiliser, this means it reduces bubble size and makes the foam stable, more creamy and aesthetically pleasing to consumers. This is used in many shampoos as a foaming agent, but is also a known skin irritant. It is only a potential risk however Neal & Wolf have decided to formulate away from it, just in case.



A very powerful detergent that cuts grease and makes our soap and shampoo foamy giving soaps their soapiness. SLES, SLS and ALS are all very inexpensive and they are the reason that our soaps and shampoos have lather, which is caused by a foaming agent. The concern about sulfates is that they have been linked as a major skin irritant associated with potential hair loss as well as them being a potential carcinogen.



Another chemical that is used to kill bacteria on the hair. Triclosan manufacturing process can also create dioxin, a powerful hormone disrupter that can have long-term health effects.