Discover the Etiquette

The Gentleman’s Rulebook is our official code of conduct. A set of principles and unspoken rules, which not only teach the correct protocol but the proper mindset needed to be a true modern Gentleman.

Rule No.1

Define your

Personal Style

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Rule No.2

Break The Mould

Don’t just copy the rules, make your own. Becoming a gentleman doesn't mean copying every other gentleman who's lived before you. It’s about reinvention. Take Prince Charming for example – he wouldn’t have been quite as enchanting if there had been another two hundred men just like him. Stand out, but stand out for being you.

Rule No.3


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Rule No.4

No Fighting

A real gentleman never fights. He simply basks in the glory of his own charm, style and intelligence. So even if your hair fancies an unruly brawl, you can tame it with one of our no-nonsense products from our new men’s range.

Rule No.5

But if you must fight

Fight Fair

Always keep it clean gents. A gentleman cares about how he's viewed by the world, so he puts effort into his appearance. That doesn't mean completely changing how you dress because a modern gentleman has his own style. Just stay clean. Stay well groomed. And always, always look your best.

Rule No.6

Be Adventurous

Don't be afraid of the new.