isaac-ramirez-518940-unsplashBring on festival season - warm sun, cool drinks and plenty of reasons to be out and about. If you're a man heading out to a summer festival you want to make sure you look sharp all day (and night) long. There are a couple of easy hair styles you can rock that will keep you looking fresh until the last set plays. Short and textured Leave yourself a little bit of length on top and play with it for a more casual look. Keep it relatively close along the neckline and around the ears to keep yourself feeling cool in the sun. You'll want to use a touch of Neal & Wolf's Shape pliable paste to keep your hair in place. It offers a strong but flexible hold, which means you can trust your hair to stay in good shape. Very short cuts If you really want to go for the low-maintenance look, try a buzz cut. Take the hair almost against the scalp - make sure it's done evenly and pay close attention to those hairs around the back of the neck. You can choose how close to cut it, and it's good to know that the style will hold for quite some time. As the hair grows back out it will still look fantastic. You can choose to start styling again or just keep it buzzed during the warmer months. Festival prep If you are heading out to a multi-day festival, it might help to pick up our Summer Energies Duo pack on the way. It's a combination of two of our best men's products: Shape Pliable Paste and our 3 - in - 1 Cleanse and Condition combo. The Cleanse and Condition works very well as a body wash, shampoo and conditioner. It will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great, too. It's the perfect time saver for when you need to get out of the door quickly. It's also packed with moisture to keep your skin soft and hydrated through summer and beyond.

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