N&W Man sitting on a leather chair 6 RT_LR SHAPE and FORM added to the Neal & Wolf Men's product line Neal & Wolf is a brand synonymous with luxury hairstyling and haircare products. Our range is popular with style conscious men and women and today sees the launch of two of our best selling products, which have been redesigned and added to the men's product line. SHAPE and FORM have been released with the same excellent styling characteristics as the existing products, but with a new masculine scent and sophisticated packaging. Let's take a look at each product in turn, and see how they can be used to style a current trend in men's hair. SHAPE SHAPE is a pliable paste that lets you style your hair with confidence. Specially formulated, this texturing paste gives a strong hold that improves definition and is perfect for shorter styles. A current men's look that we love is the Short Textured Crop, which features short hair on the back and sides and a cropped cut on top. This very short version of the trendy crop has enough length to achieve texture but not much more. Shape texturizing paste is perfect for enhancing this cut. To style, simply apply the paste to dry hair to add texture and definition. Work into your palms, then apply to the areas you wish to define, shape and hold. FORM FORM is a sculpting lotion that has been designed to help shape and hold, with added texture and shine. Offering medium hold, FORM also helps to retain moisture and contains UV filters to help prevent sun damage. FORM is suitable for a variety of hairstyles and one cut we like right now is the High Fade haircut. This style sees hair shaved up to the temple and drops down below the crown. On top the hair is styled into a soft flat top, and FORM's medium hold and shine is perfect for this look. To apply, towel-dry hair before styling to achieve a light to medium hold finish.

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