Date Night Hairstyles

Whether it’s your first date, second or third, it’s easy to freak out about what to wear and how to style your hair! If you want to impress the person of your dreams and keep them wanting more, a top-notch hairdo could be the way to their heart! To save you the panic before a date, we have put together the top three date night do’s that’ll keep you feeling confident and irresistible!

Polished Loop

With your outfit chosen, makeup done, and nails painted, you may find yourself with a little extra time on your hands. The polished loop offers a very sophisticated date night look, if you have the patience and a few pins! A regular choice adorned by Natalie Portman, it’s the perfect hairstyle to display your flawless makeup at the front, and an intricate and alluring torsade at the back. Keep that ponytail tight with Control.

Tumbling Waves

Beguiling long loose waves has to be one of the ultimate date night looks. Providing your hair with extra thickness and volume, and accentuating those facial features, it’s no surprise that it’s the go to hairstyle of Lily Aldridge. However, for added texture, we have a little tip; apply our volumizing lotion, Elevate, and break up your curls by using a pompadour streaker comb, and you’ll achieve perfect thick curls without getting any product on your fingers!

Shiny Blowout

Perhaps the perfect first date hairstyle! If you want to make sure that your date never takes their eyes off you, streamlined strands with a shiny finish emphasises your features and catches the light beautifully… They’ll be falling head over heels! Achieve striking shimmer and shine with our nourishing hair oil, Velvet.

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