Work Party Looks 2013

As 2013 comes to a close and Christmas looms right around the corner, people may find themselves in an all too common predicament- what to wear to all the fabulous parties they are to sure to be invited to.  Christmas parties, family get togethers, NYE, and quite possibly the trickiest of the parties to style for- the Christmas work parties. There is a fine line to be walked between being stylish and festive yet professional.  Yes, although it's a party, if it involves work, the look must be kept professional. Too much skin or high hemlines are looks that should be left for the nightclub and never for the office.  And lets not forget that the braided pigtails and Santa hat might be completely appropriate for Christmas with the nieces and nephews, it's not going to fly at the office.  No matter what the situation your outfit and hairstyle should be cohesive to complete the look, and not work against each other. [caption id="attachment_96" align="alignnone" width="340"]Photograph by Kristen Chenoweth Photograph by Kristen Chenoweth[/caption] [caption id="attachment_97" align="alignnone" width="340"]Photograph by The Michelle Williams pixie Photograph by The Michelle Williams pixie[/caption] A Peter Pan collar like this one shown here on comedian Kristin Chenoweth paired with a pencil skirt is a perfect option for a work holiday party, because it can be taken from day to night.  While at work, it can be topped with a black blazer and when it is time to party, take off the blazer and throw on some sparkly earrings.  Extra points if there is some sparkle in the skirt.  Kristin nailed the hair by wearing it up so that the detailing at the neck of the dress could shine.  Also a perfect option would be the ever trendy, Michelle Williams pixie that is currently all the rage. [caption id="attachment_98" align="alignnone" width="340"]Photograph by Glenn Francis Photograph by Glenn Francis[/caption] A dress like the adorable A line, black belted number worn by actress Emma Stone at the Amazing Spiderman Premiere is another great option for any professional party.  This is another day to night option, but rather than a blazer over the top layer with a black turtleneck underneath the dress by day, and take off for the party at night.  A loose, side swept curl for the hair as worn by model Joanna Kupra above,  would effortlessly compliment the look. Too cold to wear a dress? Try a nice pair of dress trousers and a silk blouse as seen on stars such as Kerry Washington.  This look should be dressed up if being taken out on the town, so add some jewels and try something a bit intricate with the hair, like a braided up'do. Christmas is meant to be joyous, so try not to stress too much about what to wear.  When in doubt, remember a little black dress is always in style and that the luxurious range of Neal & Wolf hair products can help you deliver the perfect hair style to match your outfit.