alex-iby © alex-iby Don't let the back to school rush fool you into neglecting your hair. You and the kids can achieve some classy styles in minutes before heading out the door. Practice one or two of these before school goes back and you'll be looking good in 5 minutes or less. The messy bun ravi-roshan © ravi-roshan This one is great if you don't have time to tease the knots out of someone's hair. Use a brush or your fingers to bring the hair back into a high ponytail. Pop a headband on (school colours of course). Twist the ponytail around the tie to create a bun. Use bobby pins to secure. If you have a few more seconds, give the hair a quick spritz of Fix Hold & Shine Spray so it will stay fresh all day. The twist-and-pin rewardme-in © A perfect one-minute solution that keeps hair out of your face and looks stylish, too. Brush your hair out and give the roots a boost with some Enhance Volumising Mousse. Take a length of hair at the temple on one side and twist it so it's above the ear. Use two bobby pins styled in an X to hold the twist. That's it - sometimes a little detail is all you need. The braided bun 4 The braided bun is a very forgiving style that can be done in a flash. It can be styled loosely and casually, or it can be smoothed out to give a professional look. Brush your hair back and secure in a single low pony tail. Braid it (loose for casual, tight for formal) and tie it off at the end. Wrap the braid around itself to from a bun. Use plenty of pins to secure it against your head. The quick twist If your hair is a little dry, work a small amount of Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil through first. Leave some lovely bangs out to frame your face and draw your hair back into a half up-do. Secure it rather loosely. Make a gap in the hair above the tie and bring the pony tail through it, creating an eye-catching twist. Depending on how loose you have it, you may be able to twist through twice.