Winter Waves

While wave hairstyles may be more common in the summer season when they give off a laid back beach vibe, winter waves are actually a really good option for many of us too.   One reason we like waves in the winter is that they stay in and hold their shape for longer, we're not 100% sure on the scientific reason behind this phenomenon (yes it is a phenomenon!) but we're guessing the cooler air temperatures have something to do with it. [caption id="attachment_350" align="alignnone" width="296"]Photographer  Kris Kr√ºg  /  Model Victoria Herrmann   Photographer Kris Kr√ºg / Model Victoria Herrmann[/caption] The slightly more organic and wild look of a winter waves style seems to fit perfectly with the harsher outdoor elements, the cold wind and icy rain of winter! After all trying to keep your hair in perfectly straight condition during the winter is always going to be a challenge, so why not embrace some beautiful winter waves instead?   Winter waves work best with long or medium length hair and this style looks particularly good for the winter season in dark blonde and brown shades. [caption id="attachment_351" align="alignnone" width="477"]Photographer  Kris Kr√ºg  /  Model Margaret Torgerson  Photographer Kris Kr√ºg / Model Margaret Torgerson[/caption] Creating the look is fairly simple, with a specialized oversized waving iron or even just your regular curling iron. To help walk you through it step by step take a look at this cool hair tutorial from the popular YouTube style icon Missy Vaughn.   With around 100,000 subscribers you can be pretty confident she knows what she is talking about when it come to style! We love her gentle winter waves - really beautiful!   Once you have your decided on your perfect winter style remember to look after your hair and treat it to a little luxury during the harsher winter months with our luxury range of haircare products. Our range is sulphate free, and includes many flexible styling products that can help to maintain your perfect style!   See more at our online Neal & Wolf store.