Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 08.32.49 Balayage isn't going away anytime soon, and why should it? The softly stunning cascades of smooth hair colour are suited to almost any cut or style. In fact, the only people that balayage hasn't really suited are those with naturally rich dark brunette locks. But now there's good news for brunettes - foilyage is here, and here's what you need to know.   Blondes and lighter brunettes have enjoyed the smooth hair and great looks of the balayage process for a while now. Bleach is hand painted in varying intensities from root to tip and left to dry, followed by a deep conditioner. This colour gradient creates a natural, beachy look that grows out almost imperceptibly. Those with darker hair tones will know that this type of process just isn't suited to them, as too much bleach can turn dark hair orange, or damage it beyond repair.   Now, though, an alternative is here. Instead of applying colourants to one side of the hair, stylists are applying it to the entire shaft and wrapping it up in foils. The wrapping and additional heat helps to intensify the colour and protect the hair at the same time. The result is a soft and sultry balayage style without the unwanted brassiness or damage. Wonderful! The transitioning colours from light to vibrant will be aided by the clever application of the foils and conditioner. This doesn't just suit dark brunettes, either. People with coarse hair or those who are seeking a significant change may also benefit from the use of foils.   Maintain a foilyage look in the same way you would any hair colour treatment. Use an excellent shampoo and conditioner and you'll have luscious smooth hair for months to come. It's wonderful news for anyone who's been suffering from balayage envy. Speak to your stylist today about how this door is finally open to you!

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