27858265_10155960712140761_1063737803051092076_nValentine's day may be over for another year, but February is still a romantic season. Who doesn't relish the opportunity to spoil someone (and be spoiled, of course!). It's also about enjoying the last of the cold weather - all reasons for staying in and pampering yourself. If you're in the mood to indulge yourself or your partner this Valentine's season, why not try our blissful Elysian spa range? As part of a full body pamper session If you've got an evening to spare, why not treat yourself to a full body pamper session? Start at the top with a luscious and nourishing hair treatment. Give yourself a mini facial and a refreshing foot treatment. Once you're done, sit back and delight your hands with a generous Elysian hand wash and lotion experience. The gentle milk proteins and shea butter will cleanse and moisturise your hands, leaving them soft and with a heavenly scent. As a mindful moment in a busy day Sometimes we're just too busy to set aside a couple of hours for any kind of indulgence, but that doesn't mean you can't take a moment to slow down and be kind to yourself. Let the aroma of the cleanser be lifted on warm water as you gently rinse your hands. Pat your hands dry, noticing the softness of the towel. A small amount of Elysian hand lotion will feel smooth in your palms as you nourish your skin back to full softness. Carry that moment of relaxation into whatever your day is throwing at you. As part of a generous romantic gesture Alternatively, you could offer to buy the Elysian gift pack for your partner and turn it into a mini spa experience. Prepare a bowl of warm water and a small jug. Sit facing your partner and gently wash their hands for them. Don't be afraid to massage tired fingers and palms. Gently rinse using the bowl and jug, then apply the Elysian Revive lotion. It will soak in quickly, leaving the hands feeling soft, and your partner feeling very loved.