The Summer Treat duo

Irresistible scents of sunscreen, sun-soaked skin and BBQ filled weekends… that’s right, summer is finally here! As like you would your winter wardrobe, it’s time to trade in your haircare for something that will keep those wicked wispy locks of hair at bay, and guarantee you carry on shining throughout summer.

Whether the summer climate makes your hair fantastically frizzy or if you go the complete opposite and lose all your strategically placed curls, a shampoo and conditioner that allows you to optimise ‘what god gave you’ is essential, which is why we have combined our deeply cleansing RITUAL shampoo and intensive care treatment conditioner HARMONY, to create the Neal & Wolf Summer Treat duo.

Our best-selling RITUAL shampoo has been specially designed to indulge and nourish your hair with its rich formula, but diluted enough so that this can be a luxury that you can enjoy daily. Whilst rinsing this shampoo through your hair, you’ll instantly notice a boost in moisture, radiance and manageability. Paired with our HARMONY conditioner that delivers intensive conditioning properties to repair damaged hair, this is the ultimate combo for controlling stray flyaway’s and reducing the loss of moisture and shine. The result? Sheer brilliance.

The combination of our nourishing shampoo and luxuriously moisturising conditioner form a unique and beautifully receptive duo, balancing your hairs natural oils and post-wash structure, so that no matter what summer throws your way, your hair remains manageable and styleable, whilst feeding your hair with exactly what it’s craving for throughout those harsh summer months!

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