[caption id="attachment_473" align="alignnone" width="197"]  Photograph Raleene Cabrera / Flickr Photograph Raleene Cabrera / Flickr[/caption] If you're tired of your current hair cut or colour then it may be time to search for a new look to reinvigorate your style for the remainder of 2015.   Your hair is one of the easiest things you can change about yourself and it can have a big impact on your overall appearance and how you feel. To get you started with some inspiration we've searched for the hottest cut and colour of the moment. Will it work for you?   The hot cut   A short pixie cut has been a hot look all year and a layered cut such as that worn by Saturday's singer and Strictly Come Dancing star Frankie Bridge is a good example of how to work with this style. Going shorter with this type of cut will not only dramatically alter your image which is needed for a serious style change up - but it will also bring you on trend with many of the shorter styles that have been in vogue this year including the bob, the lob and various versions of the pixie cut.   The hot colour   Another good way to significantly change you look is by altering your colour with a dramatic shade. The peachy-pink like colour of rose gold is increasing in popularity with various shades on offer depending on how bold you would like to be. The shades of this colour can vary from a more subtle statement to full on attention grabbing in your face colour. Overall the shade is not punk like some of the violet, pink and blue hair trends we have seen this year and not really like the pastel trends that have been popular throughout 2015 either. It is somewhere in between which is quite nice.   Typically stylists will create this shade by blending creamy blonde with rosy pink to achieve a stylish and contemporary multidimensional look.

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