Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 08.53.47 Summer is halfway through and Autumn is on the horizon. Now here comes the big question: have you thought about your new Autumn look yet? If not, don't worry: there's a hot new style available for every hair texture and length. The Knot Everyone's perennial favourite, the ponytail, went on hiatus for a season and yielded to the knot, which is just as versatile. From elegant double buns at Dior to stylishly netted knots at Oscar de la Renta, this adaptable style was on runways everywhere this summer. Wear yours in a messy, equestrian-type loop, fancy twist or mirror-smooth chignon to suit the occasion or your mood. The Wave Forget elaborately styled waves: all you need to do to be ‘in' this season is sleep with your hair in a bun or braid and unwind it at work. The more imperfect the result, the better: you're aiming for sexy, just-got-out-of-bed hair. Just be sure to add a centre part to create a softer, super-feminine and youthful touch. Hair Accessories The simple elastics and metal pins that dominated previous seasons are gone. Today's hair accessories are all about glitter and majesty. Dolce & Gabbana models topped their simple hairdos with baroque headbands, Tommy Hilfiger went for tiaras, and other designers opted for jewelled pins. At Suno, hairstylists criss-crossed ribbon down the entire length of the models' ponytails, creating a show stopping gothic fairytale effect. The Marcel This vintage hairstyle, originally made popular by Twenties film stars, is enjoying a long-overdue renaissance. Created with an expertly applied rotating iron, the soft finger waves look best if you make a deep side part, clip the curves in position, and remove the clips when you're ready to be seen. The Side Part A strong and precisely combed side part projects self-assurance and confidence. In other words, it is a ready-made style for today's independent woman. 80's Chic With so much emphasis on texture and volume this season, no wonder the Eighties are back (their hairstyles, anyway). The perm reappeared on Isabel Marant and Giorgio Armani runways, their tight ringlets flipped forward to cascade over the eyes. Topshop went 100% glam rock while Jeremy Scott gave a major nod to the electric prom queen, complete with vibrant makeup and high-voltage hair. History has never been so much fun.