[caption id="attachment_420" align="alignnone" width="304"]Photograph - Maria Morri Photograph - Maria Morri[/caption] For Spring / Summer 2015 there is a focus on keeping it fresh faced with a minimal and clean approach to make up. A hairstyle that naturally lends itself to this look is a simple swept back do without a parting. This keeps the hair clear from the face and the forehead and allows the natural look to shine through.   Follow our guide below on how to achieve this style.   To get started ensure all your makeup tools are clean  - wash your applicator brushes if necessary using warm water and soap to remove any residue or powder. Once all you tools are clean you need to make sure your face is cleansed too, simply wash with warm water before applying a cleansing solution.   To start applying your make up begin with a concealer that matches your skin shade to hide any blemishes or bags under the eyes. Ensure you apply the concealer directly to the affected area but not around it as this will only highlight the blemish in a halo effect.   Ideally for this look to work you should avoid applying foundation where possible. Foundation is quite an obvious make up and can look fake - the opposite of what we want to achieve with a natural look. If it is absolutely necessary for you to apply foundation - perhaps you have a skin condition or damaged skin, then ensure it is blended very well and applied lightly. If the areas where you have applied foundation are obviously distinct from those where you haven't you may need to change your shade for something that better matches you skin tone.   Continue by applying a small amount of powder to the section of the face that tends to be oily - the forehead, nose and chin, this can help to absorb oils and reduce the level of shine. Ensure you only use a tiny amount and apply it gently and evenly ensuring all the powder is blended and no specks remain.   The eyes and lips should also be kept simple for this look to work well.   Light brown, subtle pink and ivory colour eyes shadow are ideal and you should choose a shade that matches you skin colour or at most is a shade or two darker.  Avoid bold colours such as blues, greens and purples. When applying the shade apply lightly to the brush and gently sweep across your eyelid once - a light covering is enough for this look and you want to avoid a solid block of colour.   Similarly for the lips keep thing simple with a clear lip gloss. Alternatively use subtle shades of lip gloss in light pink, brown or bronze colours. Lipstick is best avoided for the natural look to be most effective.   When it comes to hair, the style is very easy to create at home but a couple of high quality products can help you keep maintenance at a minimum.   Firstly ensure you use a high quality sulphate free shampoo and conditioner such as the Neal & Wolf Daily Ritual range to keep you hair tangle free and in excellent condition. Finally consider a styling product such as Neal & Wolf Glow -  a weightless spray that adds lasting shine and controls frizz. The lightness of this product suits the natural look perfectly.

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