Summer wedding hair styles

35464678_960916924079891_1073354482374410240_n Photo Credit: Sam Gateley, Salon 306 Wedding season is here so it's a good idea to get your summer wedding hair styles organised. As a guest or the bride, herself, there's a lot of planning that goes into looking gorgeous on the day. Summer weddings are fresh bright and often outdoors, so we've chosen sunny styles to reflect the season. Wavy bangs Secure your hair into a loose chignon or any other up-do style, really. The focus is going to be on your gorgeous face-framing bangs. They should fall around chin length to give you a picture-perfect look. Use a curling iron to give yourself a subtle wave. It's relaxed and stylish at the same time. Natural curls If your hair is wilfully curly, save yourself time and stress by celebrating them, instead of trying to reign them in. With this summer wedding hair style, simply use a simple pin or two to sweep some of the curls away on one side, and work in some Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil to give some moisture and shine to your locks. Chignon This is such a classic and versatile style. You can keep your hair very sleek and shiny with a tightly braided bun or choose a casual look - keep it more relaxed and textured. As mentioned above you can work bangs into the mix or add a side-swept style. There's a chignon for you, like there's a Summer Collection Duo for you. If you have lighter shades, choose the Summer Radiate Duo for protection against brassiness. If you have thicker or dryer hair, the Summer Rejuvenate Duo will help to keep things moisturised and nourished in the warmer weather. Slicked back looks Sleek, wet-style looks are edgier than most of the summer wedding hair styles, but they come up a treat for evening affairs. Topknots are popular (the higher the better) although the hair can also be left completely down to really make a statement. Work in a side part and gently flowing waves to soften the look a touch. Our Neal & Wolf Design pomade will help you achieve the sleek styling without being too heavy on your hair.

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