Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 14.26.00 Warm summer days have us spending more time outside. After a cosy winter inside it's so refreshing to feel fresh hair and natural warmth on our faces. Of course, the changing seasons mean it's time to check in with your current hair care routine. Are you doing the best you can to provide your hair with UV protection in the new conditions? Here are some of our favourite tips and products to keep you looking and feeling fantastic this summer. Drop the hair dryer Avoid using your hair dryer whenever you can. The warmer weather will start to dehydrate your hair, so adding artificial heat won't help. Air drying is a better alternative. Rub a small amount of Velvet Nourishing Hair oil through your damp hair before styling. It provides fantastic UV protection and will help create a smoother look without using extra heat. Take care of natural and coloured hair It's true that coloured hair is prone to fade over the summer months but so is natural uncoloured hair. The additional heat can dry out strands and make your hair thinner over time. Blondes in particular can be vulnerable to this, so include a shampoo and conditioner combination that will help maintain both moisture and colour, like our Summer Radiate Duo. Protect your scalp While it's not practical to apply regular sunscreen to your scalp, you can protect it from sunburn in other ways. A dry, burned scalp doesn't provide the best conditions for healthy hair, after all. Try wearing a sunhat or avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day. Watch out for summer stressors Spending time at the beach or in the pool will expose your hair to additional stressors like salt and chlorine. Even windier days (without the protection of a winter scarf) will dry your hair further. Seek out treatments that will provide gentle cleansing and UV protection at the same time. The Summer Rejuvenate Duo will do just that. Adding a product like Elevate Volumising Lotion will give another layer of protection and help shape the hair even on drier days.

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