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It's never too soon to prepare your next season's looks and get ready to feel amazing in autumn / winter 2017. Thankfully, the trends for the coming Autumn/Winter season look almost effortless. It's going to be too cold to stand around with wet hair, and we're grateful that these 4 styles are quick and easy to pull off. Don't think simple translates to plain - these styles are sleek and perfect for the cooler weather.




Yes, ribbons continue to make their presence felt on the runway, and with good reason. They can be tailored to send whichever message you like. Find ribbons and headbands at your local craft store, in any colour, width or level of detail. Just make sure to pair it with simple, shiny hair. It shouldn't compete with your locks, it should accentuate them.


Faux bob


Do you remember Winter 2014? The year you tied your hair in a loose ponytail at the shoulders, and then tucked your ponytail into a thick collar or scarf? We remember too, and so do the fashion trendsetters. It was so good they've bought it back for another round. This time it's about sleek style from the roots, so keep it smooth. Allow for some bounce and body around the nape and you're good to go.




It sounds so simple, but it's all in the details of course. To make sure your ponytail is work ready rather than gym ready, focus on the part. Work a three quarters style, angling it to the far left or right of your head. As with most things in the coming season, keep it sleek and shiny. Pull it all back cleanly, and let the length fall where it will. Follow these tips to feel amazing in no time.


Shiny waves


This style takes slightly more effort than the ones we've already talked about, but it's still quite simple and is absolutely worth it. This look reminds you of the highly stylised waves we've been seeing but sends a more carefree message. The waves are looser and more relaxed. As always, keep it sleek and avoid flyaways with a drop of oil added before styling.