Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 20.22.16 Just as the new season brings in new fashion and clothing must haves, it also ushers in a new period for hair styling. Summer to Autumn is one of our favourite periods of change in the fashion calendar and today we bring you some of the key hair colour trends for autumn/winter 2016. In summer it may well all be about lightening up but as out list will show, Autumn is the right time to bring out warm and rich tones. Golden Copper Some where in between the rose gold trend we highlighted on our blog a few weeks back and a deep auburn colour, this shade has a beautiful copper tone to it that works brilliantly for the season. It utilises caramel and cinnamon tones which add dimension to your look. Pure Black This may not be one for the faint hearted - going jet black is a big commitment we know! And it somehow just seems more permeant that dying your hair any other colour. However there is no doubt the dramatic and moody change going black can offer you by giving a major make over of your current look. Bronde Another shade we have mentioned previously on the Neal & Wolf blog but one that has staying power into Autumn 2016. This look in particular works well for blondes with naturally darker shades, as you can use and reflect the approaching winter and transition in mood to your hairstyle. Mix your lightened hair from the summer into a darker brunette shade and create the perfect autumn blend. Chocolate Brown Chocolate brown is an iconic hair colour that is always in style. If you have a lighter shade then it is a perfect way to make a statement and dramatic change for the autumn season. The great thing is with this colour you can be confident of getting it right as it is just a single process hair colour, with no advanced techniques such as ombre or baylage. No matter what shade you decide to go for this Autumn always remember to check out the Neal & Wolf range of luxury hair care and styling products in our online store, that can help you achieve the perfect look. Happy shopping!

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