Royal Wedding Hair

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.08.25 Who doesn't love a royal wedding? A joyous occasion in any family, a wedding gives everyone an excuse to pick out a new outfit and ponder over hairstyle possibilities. Of course, a royal wedding gives us all the opportunity to dress up and party without having to worry about the catering or the seating chart. Daydream with us as we highlight some of the best royal wedding hair styles. Chignons This is probably the quintessential royal wedding hair style. Chignons can be styled as a neat and close bun to nestle under a fascinator, or as a messy bun that stands alone. Don't feel you need to keep the bun low and central either - a softly styled, offset chignon can be an elegant option. Loose waves Look to the Middleton sisters for inspiration here. Both Princess Catherine and sister Pippa have worn their hair down to royal and society weddings. Give your natural texture a touch of control and volume with Elevate volumising lotion. You'll reduce static, increase gloss and reduce your prep time, too. Blowbacks and bobs Some looks never go out of style. If you have shorter hair, be a little adventurous and try a blowback or voluminous bob. You'll need to work with a large round brush, your hairdryer, and some heat protection to guard against heat damage. Both of these styles are quite wide, which gives a fascinator plenty of purchase, style-wise. Half up-do The half up, half down look can be styled in very subtle ways to give the look of youthful charm. Hide any ties with a decorative headpiece or pin. You can leave the ends laying flush and straight, or place tight curls to create visual interest. These styles can be complemented with Silk blow-dry balm, which will tame fly-aways and encourage a sleek and glossy finish. If your hair is naturally wavy, embrace it and create plenty of texture.

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