Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.10.08 It seems to be a law of fashion: rainy days are when the frizz comes out. Good hair days are tricky enough to bring about as it is: throw in a torrential downpour and humidity so thick you can see it, and your gorgeous locks are history. Not necessarily, if the rainy day hairdos recently exhibited by Hollywood's biggest stars are any indication. The People's Choice Awards 2016, which took place in Los Angeles on the 6th of January, introduced a stunning variety of wet weather hairstyles. They're a fashion staple in the city right now, given the fact that excess rainfall has even caused the beaches to close. On the plus side, these styles look fantastic and are easy to create. Julianne Hough, two-time Dancing with the Stars champion, also dominated the red carpet with her glossy topknot, which had a sleek accent strand brushing her face. Her stylist confirmed that plenty of hair styling products were used to make sure that the wet winds did not blow Julianne's classy hairdo out of shape. Lea Michele went for a more conventional look, with her topknot styled to resemble a traditional ballerina updo. The overall effect, which is easy to copy and can be pulled off by anyone, was both elegant and youthful. Dakota Johnson, who took home the award for Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress, looked incredible with tousled, layered waves and a breezy, side-swept fringe. It's a hassle-free, rain-defiant ‘do that her stylist created by applying dry shampoo for extra texture before using a double-barrel iron to create flawless waves. Lucy Hale beat back the rain with a romantic and feminine braid halo. Style watchers nodded in approval at how the plaits were lightly teased for added volume and the lighthearted touch. Who says fabulous hair and wet weather don't mix?

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