[caption id="attachment_304" align="alignnone" width="263"]Photograph - Natasha d.H Photograph - Natasha d.H[/caption] Ombre hair has been the on trend look over the Spring 2014 season with a focus on striking bold shades that contrast dramatically from one another. Now it seems as if the Ombre movement is going to move in a slightly new direction with a derivative style that has been labelled as Sombre.   Sombre is a more subtle version of the Ombre style, and one that works without the bold contrast of colours and mixes shades into one another with a more gentle collision - meaning it is perhaps more suitable for some formal occasions.   While traditional Ombre styles featured dark hair on top with lighter strands at the bottom and blending in between, Sombre instead features lighter pieces higher up around the face while the lower lengths have ribbons of colour running through them. The Sombre look works particularly well with cuts that use layering or on hair blessed with natural texture.   This style is noticeably easier to wear than Ombre and more suitable for work and formal events which means it should be even more popular for those who liked the look but found it a little too bold.   The Sombre trend is really good news for blondes too, as after all the Ombre style was a difficult one to pull off with blonde hair. Brunettes should also consider this style to add shades that will lighten their hair -  honey and caramel shades work particularly well.   So far we have seen plenty of celebrities grow out their Ombre locks in favour of the new softer style, with Jessica Alba choosing a slightly lighter and brighter colour at the ends of her hair, and Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Cara Delevinge also styling a similar look.

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