IMG_0819 2_previewNeal & Wolf's men's hair styling products are of exceptional quality, easy to use and simply make your hair look and feel it's best. One of the great things about our range is that all Neal & Wolf men's hair styling products are free from parabens, sulphates and are not tested on animals, so if you prefer to work with ethical products, our products are well worth checking out. Our Men's Styling Products Range There's something for everyone here. Short styles are taken care of with plenty of different styling options, from clays and pomades to creams. Men with longer styles will find great products to help maintain the health of the hair with additional styling qualities. Everyone knows dry, damaged hair can be very frustrating. It looks dull and can break easily. If you're noticing that your hair isn't as robust as it was, check out Restore Nourishing Treatment. This treatment combines intensive moisturising ingredients to restore moisture and shine to your dry hair. If you're on the go between home, work and the gym, you may be looking for a single men's hair styling product that can get you clean from head to toe. Complete 3-in-1 Shower Gel is just that. This single convenient pack contains shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. The ingredients have been carefully calibrated to gently cleanse your skin and hair, while providing nourishing moisture. Your skin will be soft, and your hair will be healthy and shiny. Shorter styles are often complemented by a touch more length on top. Give that hair somewhere to go with Shape Pliable Paste. This is a strong hold paste that will give you plenty of sharp definition and hold. Your hair will stay where you put it, while still looking natural. If you work or play outdoors, you may be exposing your hair to UV damage. This can cause brittleness and colour fade. You can help combat this and look great at the same time by using Form Sculpting Lotion. It provides a medium strength hold and contains moisturisers and UV protective ingredients to help maintain the health of your hair and reduce sun damage. To find out more about our men's hair products and see the full range, visit our online store.