Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 13.13.29   Today we are featuring our Neal & Wolf salon of the month: Murray & Murray in Rochdale. The salon is owned and run by husband and wife team Rachel and Danny Murray. The pair have over 20 years experience in the hair & beauty trade with photographic work, stage work and education just a few of the key areas they have worked in. We wanted to get to know more about their approach to hairdressing and give our readers an insight into behind the scenes at a top salon. Rachel and Danny took the opportunity to tell us more about their stylist team, keeping up with the latest industry trends and some of their favourite Neal & Wolf products.   Here is what they had to say for themselves! How have you gone about selecting you hair stylist team, and what training methods do you use to keep up with the latest trends? We like to train our own staff from the ground up and so all our staff have been trained by ourselves which helps keep the standards high and also continuity within the salon. Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 13.13.37 What makes the salon different from the others in the area? One of our salons USP's is our ‚Äòcolour bar' it's a separate part of the salon where clients can book in for a selection of ‚Äòtop up' colours from the bar menu. The way it works is they pick a colour from the menu, we apply it, let it process, rinse it and then they dry their own hair in the bar area where we supply Neal & Wolf products, hairdryers and Cloud Nine tools. We're able to offer this service at a much reduced price as their not taking up appointment spaces, prices for the bar service range from £15 - £30.   Why do you choose Neal & Wolf for your salon? We choose Neal & Wolf as our house brand because it's an affordable, luxury, uncomplicated brand that's made in the UK. Also the fragrance sells it for us ;) Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 13.13.52   What is your star Neal & Wolf product? Our STAR Neal & Wolf product has to be the daily ritual shampoo because a shampoo is the foundation for all hair products, if you get that wrong it's impossible for anything else to work correctly on the hair. That's why it's the one we use on all our clients.   How big is your salon and what services are offered? At present we have 13 sections for ALL hair needs and 3 treatment rooms undergoing construction in where all aspects of beauty and nail treatments will be carried out. We also have plans in motion for a ‚Äòbarista style' outdoor waiting area.   What are the contact details for your salon - address, phone number, website, email? Murray & Murray Hair 412 Bury Road Rochdale OL11 5EU 01706 718629   What is your favourite hair related website, book or magazine? At Murray & Murray hair we tend not to just focus on hair related websites, books and magazines but try to open our minds to all aspects of fashion and culture from street fashion to street art as we think that its all intertwined in some way so the mind needs to be open to anything.

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