Everyone deserves a pamper every now and then, which is why we’ve created the Neal & Wolf pamper routine. Fill your home with indulgent products and have that ‘treat yo’self’ feeling every day with our products, that will you feel like you have your very own at-home spa.  

First and foremost, you need to set the mood. Our INDULGENCE Scented Candle allows you to experience beautifully relaxing aromas as it burns. Whilst enjoying the serene aura of the candlelight, you’ll encounter bursts of mandarin and orange blossom, mixed with the floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid.

Whilst you leave your home to fill with the opulent fragrances, soak your hair in our intensive care shampoo HARMONY, specially designed to repair damaged hair and give it the injection of moisture it craves! The smooth texture and lavish scent is sure to make you forget about your day-to-day stresses, and take a moment to yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

For an even more concentrated and indulging treatment, hop out of the shower and apply our HARMONY intensive care treatment to towel-dried hair. Return to your INDULGENCE candle filled room, bask in the ambience, and allow the intensive conditioners to penetrate the layers of your hair for the most effective results. After 15 minutes of relaxation, return to the shower and rinse out the conditioner. Enjoy an instant transformation to shiny, soft, healthy and manageable hair.

Now that your home and hair are taken care of, it’s time to give your body a little TLC. Our REVIVE hand and body lotion consists of a rich combination of nourishing ingredients, specifically selected for their moisturising properties. REVIVE epitomises a state of bliss with its infusion of shea butter, red algae, passionflower and borage oil. This non-greasy lotion will leave you skin sumptuously soft, fragrant and with a healthy glow.

Self-care is important for helping your inner self as well as your overall well-being! If you’ve enjoyed a night in relaxing with Neal & Wolf, share your thoughts on social by tagging @nealandwolf!

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